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Raw Land Loans

Raw land or Vacant land in Michigan

Most banks do not finance raw land if it is undeveloped because of the risk involved with financing. Raw loan loans require the lender to know the value of the property in that geographical region and properly evaluate the limitations and marketability of the unimproved land. If you have tried in the past or are currently researching land loan lenders then you will find that there are not many options to for raw land loans - This is where we are different.

We offer many options for raw land loans and only require a 20% down payment to buy the land. If you are buying raw land from a family member then you may not even need to have a down payment as long as there is equity in the land itself.

Raw land also known as vacant land can be financed for many purposes including hunting land, farm land, home site land and even recreational land. Depending on your usage there may be many terms and options for loans available ranging from variable rates to 30 year fixed rates. If you plan on building on the land in the next few years you may want to consider a short term loan to take advantage for the lowest rates available for raw land loans.